Adobe CS6 with OpenCL ATI Support?

UPDATE: CS6 was announced, and after doing some digging it looks like the Mercury Playback Engine in Adobe Premiere does support OpenCL now, but only 2 cards that are currently supported in MacBook Pro’s. Source

New beta of Photoshop CS6 shows OpenCL support? Good news for Mac Premiere users with ATI cards?  I sure hope so, because I would give the Adobe suite (more specifically Premiere) a lot more attention as my main editing application if it included GPU Acceleration with ATI cards.  Currently Final Cut Pro X is the only editing program that can take full advantage of GPU/Memory AND GPU (it you’re using ATI).  Unless you’re on a MacPro with the original ATI card you paid for tossed and replaced with a CUDA enabled Nvidia card, you can’t get the support.  That leaves laptop users and iMac users hanging. :/

Now of course this is all guessing, but seeing it as an option in Photoshop CS6 gives me hope. :)

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