Christian Film Spotlight: Kyle Prohaska – Standing Firm

A great new interview about STANDING FIRM with

“As many Christian films are created with a low budget and for and with God, the new film,Standing Firm, is a powerful story of faith, prayer, and forgiveness.  This is an inspiring film in so many ways from the storyline to the filmmaking.  The filmmaker, Kyle Prohaska, is a young Christian filmmaker who co-wrote, filmed, and produced this film from nothing and it was through the power of God that the film is even available through DVD for viewing.   Prohaska sat down with us for an exclusive interview to discuss his first feature-length film and low-budget Christian filmmaking…”

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Let the good times roll…

I woke up today around 11.  I was pretty excited because my Canon 5D was scheduled to show up before noon.  I got to work on emails like I normally do in the morning and right around twelve I went outside to see if the mail guy was around.  Yep, he was just putting mail in the mail boxes.  I asked him for my package on the spot and ran inside to tear it open.  It was a beautiful thing to look at.  I put the battery in it’s charger immediately because I couldn’t hardly wait to turn it on and go!  The battery charged quickly and before you know it was I snapping photos around the apartment and learning just what the lens I got can do.  It was pretty liberating to have the power of a lens like that in a handheld package.  When we shot STANDING FIRM I was dealing with a Canon XHA1 with a Letus Extreme and Nikon primes attached to a Redrock Shoulder Mount setup with 2.5ft Rails and a Marshall Monitor hooked up to the side.  It was a beast of a setup and very uneasy on the arms, the tripod, etc.  Hard to move and navigate, etc.  All just to have the DOF and lens options.  Those are important but man was that thing annoying (like a 3ft long bazooka).

5d_shotsObviously the lens I have won’t get me far.  It’s F4 which means it’s not much good indoors without upping my ISO.  For all of you non-photo/video people out there, F4 is my aperture (basically it’s a limit on how much light my lens can intake.  Less light, darker image).  More expensive lenses allow you to go to F3.5, 2.8, and all the way to 1.2 which is a really fast lens (fast meaning allows a ton more light basically).  ISO I can’t remember the long name for but to put it simply…the higher the ISO number, the lower the detail and the more noise and such I’ll get.  So to use the lens I got with the cam, unless there’s a lot of sunlight around, I gotta bump up the ISO to get good exposure (good balance of light within my shot…not to light, not too dark).  It’ll be great for outside though as I found out today, but it was raining and misty on/off so I had to be careful.  By the end of the day I was able to run out there while the daylight was still around and nab shots of the cherry tress outside my apartment, and when Denise showed up I caught a few moments of her.  I didn’t take any photos while I was out there, just video.  In case you didn’t know, this is a still camera primarily that I bought and it’s not really MADE for video, but it allows video recording and while it has it’s many faults can be nice for certain uses if you know what you’re doing.  For whatever reason even at F4 and with a low shutter I had to bump my ISO to 1000 just to get good exposure outside, so my shots had more noise than I would’ve liked.  Not sure why that was because I swore I used an ISO of 100 earlier in the day when I quickly went outside to try and nab video of a pumpkin on the porch.  So not sure what was going on there, but the video turned out ok anyways, just not as clean as I would’ve wanted.  Here’s a few grabs from the footage I took.  Luckily the light was beautiful since NY is typically cloudy and gives everything very soft light.  I like that look a lot.  Click the image to the right to see them at a higher resolution.

So other than that today was just a bit of work with a client or two and a bunch of emails and a few phone calls.  Pretty uneventful.  Now that I got my fix with my new camera, I’ll probably dive into some more work related stuff all day.  If I hadn’t gotten any shots with the cam today I would’ve lost my mind so now that it’s out of my system it’ll be a better day today.

In case you didnt’ catch it my interview with is finally online.  I remember planning on doing one there a few years ago when SF was still in production but we pushed it off and now it’s online a few years later.  Sorta funny to see it there after waiting for so long.  Thanks to Angela Walker over at for being a wonderful interviewer on the phone.  It was good times! :)